dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Busy days...

The last weeks at work before the long summerholiday starts are always hectic and busy. It seems it gets more and more manic each year. But I am not sure if that is really true. Perhaps it is only a feeling because I have this idea that I won't finish everything. And next to there is the lack of sleep. If I don't make enough sleep my days lack of good energy. After a visit to the doctor last week I got melatonine tablets from him which I use for the night. Last night wasn't too bad.
Guess I really need the coming holiday to calm down and get everything in the right perspective. Last year has taken a lot from me before and after Bram's operation, and it still does. Patience and taking more time is what we need, but we are both not so good at that point. We both had expected that after the 5 weeks rehab centre it would go upwards which isn't the way it is. Knowing that all is fine with his heart feels good ofcourse, but his tiredness is worrying. He now gets treatments from a very good Osteopat and tonight for the first time acupuncture. Hope that will do him good.
The trip to Ireland will be heavy for him, but we will go in slow gear with a few more stopovers in hotels on the way. The idea of staying in the little cottage by the sea with the 2 donkeys and Anne and Pat as neighbours makes me already very happy. We have been there many times and it was always good for the both of us.
Days will be filled with swimming in the ocean, reading, knitting and going to Clifden for a coffee. Visits to friends and walks among the cliffs at Cleggan Head or at the little island Innishboffin.
Just to be sure we won't be in problems we will take a wheelchair with us. Not very looking forward to that, but there are people who have to stay all day in a wheelchair which is not for Bram at the moment. My knittingfriend Mike and his partner are dealing with this for a few years and they are kind of an example for me. With his stick Bram still can walk small distances. I have decided for myself that I have to go over that feeling and look at the positive part of it. He and we both can do more if he doesn't get so tired.
I am writing this post in the train on my phone. Almost there now...busy day ahead..but the counting down has begun...and a full desk is wating for me....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik hoop van harte dat jullie beide kunnen ontspannen in Ierland.
    Neem de tijd, luister naar jezelf en naar Bram. En als iets niet af komt; dan maar niet. Gezondheid is erg belangrijk.
    Hele dikke knuffel en een hele fijne vakantie.