maandag 30 mei 2011

A Working Day...

Woke up at 5.45.
Left the house at 7.
Walk to the railwaystation.
Saw those swans.. Trainride with a good book while listening to Adele 21. I set fire to the rain.
Walked to school and arrived there at 8.10
Coffee, mailcheck.
8.45: Examns Financial Management till 10.
Break till 10.30. Coffee.
Lessons Short Course till 12.
Inbetween having a look at toiles from level 3.
A pincushion from a level 3 Student.
Work from level 4 students Couture Department.
No lunch.
Presentations from First Year Fashion Management Students.
Before leaving school a quick view at work from the 4th year and leaving school at 16.20.
Just had time to buy tea at AH to go.
Now in the train heading home.
Came home at 17.20 hrs My first blog written on my phone. I really don't know how it will look when I publish, let's have a go..NOW...

Later that afternoon I found out that the pictures were not in the right order... changed them now..
This post was just about a normal day, as a lot of people have..but even ordinary days can be nice and special.

zondag 29 mei 2011

Knitting is the Red Thread in my life...

This morning I had to go to Galerie Agnes Raben in Vorden to talk about my passion for knitting and what knitting means to me. It all started with my neighbour Ellen Korth who started about a year ago a Project called "Utilité". The content of the project are women and men who have a passion for textile-crafts..either spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, felting...and more. She took pictures from all of them, and their work, did an interview and asked for a written article about the reason why everybody loved their passion. Since Ellen is my neighbour and because she has often see me knitting in front of the house I also would be a part of this project.
About 3 weeks ago 2 exhibitions(1 in Deventer at the Bergkerk and the other 1 in Vorden at Agnes Raben) were open to the public and the matching book was presented. I really love the book. The way it looks from the outside. My pages with the Heart I did knit for Bram when he was in the Rehab Centre (that also is in the exhibition in De Bergkerk and a lot of people are touched by it and by the story about it) My hands while knitting Still Life from projects I was working on. The written text. And a beautiful picture from me knitting in the livingroom. I really love this picture because I feel this is really me.
My knittingfriends Carla, Brent, Marnel are also in the book and it gives a nice view into their life.
So this morning I was invited to have a talk with Ellen about my passion for knitting..I didn't prepare anything, took some books and knitting with me and off it went. Guess being a teacher makes talking much easier. After the question why I was knitting I didn't stop talking and for more than 1 hour I had this rather pleasant monologue which everybody seems to enjoy. Everything passed mother: who was a keen dressmaker and a very good knitter, my gran: who was very good in crochet, my first knitting needles which were always kept in my workdesk for years, my picking up knititng years ago and the kind of addiction to it till now. I found out that knitting alays has and probably will be a kind af "Red Thread" during my life. It connects me with myself, my family and the joy of making something really beautiful and giving it away is something I love doing. Before leaving my friend Tiny took a picture from me knitting in front of the big photo while Ellen was taking also pictures from me (yes, I did wear the same shirt...)
But talking about "Red Thread", the International Textile-Project our school was involved in. We had the last meeting 2 weeks ago in Glasgow. Students from my school in Enschede,Scotland and Slovakia made a lot of products to sell. After marketing the products in town. Yes, teachers came up with this Red line over the bridge to the store. There were: Telephone-cosies buttons and handmade labels printed tea-towelsblankets cushions..etc. and all made in collaboration with the other schools. The project was a joy to work on and we have this idea to continue with the label without funding. Maybe one day the label really will hit the market...
Next to the "sale-day"we also had a trip to Edinburgh (always nice) A nice lunch with all the Scottisch colleagues and Rob and Ria. A little Yarn-shopping for me...
The last day was about evaluation and being the organizer of this project you can see that I really love this part of my job. To work on something new and exiting with other schools and writing International work wouldn't be so nice I guess.
And after the evaluation the tradition is to give little gifts to eachother. This time I got the idea to give all my female colleagues and handknitted lace shawl..and they all loved it!!!
And I also got a beautiful handmade scarf made by very talented young student Stewart from Cardonald College. Being a big Scotland Fan this shawl has embroided names from all Scottish Rivers.
After lunch we had a little tour in West End with a visit to Kelvingrove Museum (Loved this old Tartan) and a tour among the University...and this part is used in the Harry Potter Books..
We had a nice farewell dinner and the next day we all went back by plane to Holland.
Red Thread can mean a lot to me..or as they say in China: There is an ancient Chinese belief which states that there is an invisible red thread that connects each of us to all of the individuals who have been, currently are, and will in the future be important to us in our lives. This red thread can stretch, twist, and bend… but will never break.

woensdag 18 mei 2011


I came home this afternoon from a very touching funeral. It happend to be the lawyer Bram had to take when he lost his job years ago at the age 0f 65, his wife was singing in a choir I sang in for years and his daughter A was a former fashion design student of mine. When I read about his passing away in the newspaper I immediately felt that I had to go this afternoon, despite the fact that my student had to do a fashionshow this afternoon in the museum in Enschede. It was good to be there. I met up with 3 -also former students- who graduated 3 years ago and where in the same class as my student was.
During the memorial tales were told about this special man and his 2 daughters and wife. It made me cry with their touching stories about how they loved there father/ husband and how special he was for them. Very brave if you do that in a full room with a lot of people. For me it was special to stand inbetween my former students who have become great young women. I have had them 4 years in my classroom and I have never thought that one day we will be together at this special moment.
Guess I am having the age that more funerals will come in the future. It made me think how grateful I am that Bram and myself are still together and that I wake up every morning next to him. That we can talk and laugh...cry and be silent together.. It could have been so different if he wasn't rescued with is operation.
His health-condition is not very good at the moment and we feel it is running down a bit. Walking goes slow and he has a lack of energy... We have been to a cardiologist/ acupuncturist for a 2-nd opinion and he showed us that all is fine with his heart. He only wrote that his vegetative nervous system was out of balance which sounds reasonable after the operation he has had.Yesterday he has had a bowel examination in the hospital which shows that all is fine there.
The question now is: what to do next? Continue with acupuncture or footreflex-massage? Perhaps a Chines doctor? Within myself I notice that the fact that nothing is found till now makes me sort of insecure. I am a person who wants to do something instead of waiting.. Bram is now at a point that he wants to think about it for a while. I am not going to push him, he will come up with an idea I am sure. The fact that he looks so good also adds something to that uncertainty .. I often wonder how much ideas and thoughts are in my mind..But this all teaches me something from the important things in life (don't want to sound too heavenly..if you know what I mean..)
Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6, teach, work with students on their examn, meetings and talks. All very good to set my mind in another direction. Life has so many aspects I have found out in my life till now. Gratefull and blessed that I did meet Bram more than 28 years ago, that we are still together and that we have this great grandson which makes such a difference, that we are surrounded by good friends and family who take care of us in difficult times and that we have booked the holiday to Ireland for the coming summer (yes we have a cancellation insurance...)
I felt really that I had to write something about my life tonight...and yes.. I got this GREAT bag send by my dear friend Franzi which brings back such great memories from holidays long ago in Switzerland. Thanks so much and also for the American Lifestyle magazines. Love them and esspecially the item on Outstanding in the field Wouldn't it be great to have such a dinner in a field???

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Paris in Spring.. was a long time ago I did write a blogpost.. Did start one..wasn't satisfied with time during the holiday due to the fact that I was clearing out our house.. and last week I was in Glasgow to finish a schoolproject.
But 3 weeks ago I was now in the train off to Paris with 20 students and my colleague Annemiek (she is such fun to travel with!!). It is the trip we always do with 3th year students. Because there were 3 great fashion exhibitions in Paris we had a busy scedule in the 4 days we went.
We traveled in the most comfortable way: with the superfast Thalys from Schiphol Airport to Paris in about 3hrs (with a little delay).
After checked in into the hotel we took the bus to the metro and off we went to see the most cliche building from Paris: La Tour Eiffel. It was the right time to go there because it was getting darker and suddenly the lights flashed on and a big AAAAHHHH could be heared.
The building itself is a wonder of technique. Beautiful construction and esspecially at night you can see it all well with the big lights on it. We had the plan to go to the 3th floor, but there was a waitingtime from more than 1,5 hour..Instead of that we went to a terrace to have a glass of wine....
Day 2 was about a visit to the exhibition Fashion 1990 -2000 in the Musee Les Arts Décoratifs which is a part of Musee Du Louvre. It wasn't allowed to take pictures but it showed the big changes in fashion over this period. From the minimalism in dresses from Adeline Andre and Helmut lang till the over the top dresses from John Galliano. Beautiful presented with soft light on it. After lunch in the neighborhood we took the metro to the area of the Sacre Coeur to have a look at all fabric stores as Reine and Dreyfus at Marche Saint Pierre. It is piled with fabrics as this one with La Tour Eifel on it.. Simple stripes... Old fashion drawings... At Reine you can see those half scale dollies dressed in Liberty fabric.. In this area are many more fabric stores with names as... or... and.... Esspecially liked this one.. So this all was kind of fabric heaven....
Students than were free to go anywhere and after a quick look at Tati (which is the opposite of the garments we did see in the cheap, but who did the production???) we went off to the Marais which is such a great part of Paris.
>The Marais is original the Jewish Quarter from Paris but is also one of the most enjoyable places to go. Nice shops (vintage, new, name it) and restaurants everywhere and the combination with the jewish traditions makes it a special place to go. I had a very good icecream..saw this embroided bag.. and did find back a store which I visted about 15 years ago when I was for the last time in Paris named Loft. In the window was this outfit I really liked from the moment I saw it. So French with the striped shirt and the soft jeans trousers..and yes.. the next day I bought those 2 with a matching I look like a little sailorboy..and that at my age... ;-) Also bought a striped shirt from my favourite Brand Agnes B
After a nice meal together with Annemiek and a view on the Notre Dame by night we went back to the hotel.
On day 3 we visted 2 exhbitions. In the morning we went to see the work of Madame Gres. This exhbition was so wonderful and made such a huge impression on me that I will write a special blogpost about the work and life from this extraordinair woman who made such a spectacular dresses..Inbetween the 2 exhibitions we had a little time for shopping and coffee and cake at Mamie Gateaux and the cake with cherries and pistachio tasted out of this world!!I also bought some nice socks for Bram from Tabio, a Japanes Brand who makes the most stunning socks. Bram is not the person who like to wear plain black or darkblue socks. No, he wants colour, dotts, blocks and even skulls...So he really likes the pair I bought for him.
And in the late afternoon we went to see Rive Gauche about the pret-a-porter collection from Yves Saint Laurent at the Fondation Pierre Bergé/ Yves Saint Laurent. The exhibition was small but made me smile due to the fact that I found some parts relating to my youth and the fashion worn at that time. Everything was placed in a setting as the boutique in Paris was at that time. Red walls and colourful garments from mini dresses till tuxedo's for women. Everything was there.. my opinion YSL was a Genius at his time and his designs did fit perfectly at that time. Women must have felt great in his clothes..After that some late night shopping at Galeries Lafayette...had to buy some French clothes for little Jim from Petit Bateau..but at that shop I also wondered why we need all that luxury???I am always so split up in my mind when I am in such a store. I love it, it's big, great building, spectacular dome, beautiful clothes and presentations.... and hate it because I often feel that this world is so unreal: do we really need shoes from 1500 Euro, bags from 2500 Euro??? and is is really worth that price?...always difficult for me..
On the last morning we made a tour among some big fashion houses in the Rue Faubourg as Hermes, Dior, Miyake before heading back by train
When I am doing trips I always try to take pictures from a certain subject.. and try to make as many as possible... This time it was tiles in the metro.
More stories coming soon...about my life, knitting, Bram, the clearing out in the holiday, Glasgow, Red won't take long.. Time to post NOW