woensdag 26 september 2012


Yes, I am the proud owner of a "Handmade by Me Silver Ring".

It was all pretty exiting this morning and my andrenaline went sky high.
My ring had become in the stage of finishing.
I needed to stamp a text in it..and the sentence was: LOVE IS ALL AROUND.
A sentence with a few meanings for me such as:
  1. In my -and our- private life there is at the moment a lot of Love around us.
  2. This ring is Round and I Love it.
  3. To have a Love Around in life is very important, and I have this for almost 30 years.
So after figuering out where to stamp...

It was time to get into Action...
Not easy to stamp this on this kind of roling pin which holds the ring.

And ofcourse I made a mistake..which Jeanette fixed for me..
And the text came..with some help and some extra bashing on the outside of the ring..

Next step....The PolishMachine...
Action.. (Watch those Fabulous Glasses...

A shiney ring appeared..

And at the end...
A special technique had had to be done to get the letters black and more visible.
Forgot the name...must write down those kind of things..
And here is....

This design tells something about my personaliy. 
A big ring with a romantic text..

Next week: A New design. 
A bracelet. Big and Sturdy..
I think I will continue with this text idea...

zondag 23 september 2012


No Tijm..you don't need to be afraid that I will stop knitting..
Last week I bought this practical basket made out of felt to keep everything togehter.
Usually my knitting is all around the house, but this basket is doing the trick for me.
It now contains all yarn needed for my "on the needles sweater".

I think knitting might be with me for the rest of my life...
Perhaps..at some times I won't knit that much, but I am almost sure that something will be on the needles..
Knitting helps me in a way to keep everything in balance at this stage in my life.
Last year I was bitten by "The LaceBug", but all of  a sudden that Bug is gone..
No lace for the moment.
No complicated patterns please...
Simple...Knit and purl stiches..
Sometimes boring, but that is all I can do at the moment..

So, I am knitting this Bleu Sweater based on a Fisherman smock.
Something like my jeans shirt from Cos.

Pattern as mentioned before...Warriston by Kate Davies.
But I kept it much more simple..
No structure at the bottom. 
Might put the structure at the neck..
I placed the 2 pockets a little more to the front..

The inside of the pockets are done in green yarn. 

It won't be visible when I am wearing it, but it is just a nice little detail.
Everything will be bordered with a I-Cord Bind Off, which gives such a neat finish.

Front and back are done, and last night I did cast on the first sleeve.
Some weeks to go and than I hope to wear it a lot the coming winter.

Next to this I did cast on a little striped scarf in gorgeous hand -dyed yarn..

A simple sequence of stripes.
There is nothing more needed for this yarn.
Simplicity ususally works the best for Men garments.

And I alreay know what to do when all this is finished..
Yes..My Sarah Lund sweater has to be knitted.
I tried it before, but didn't like the colour combination.
Yesterday I think I came across the perfect combo for me.. in yarn I love..
A green sweater with Purple pattern..and swatching will be done in a few weeks time.

I have always been found of the green and purple combination ever since I have seen almost 30 years ago an elderly grey haired woman wearing a purple dress with a green coat walking in the Modern art museum in Mönchengladbach
That woman was so elegant and looked really stunning. Ever since I saw her I love this combination. I am sure she will have passed away, but she is still alive for me.

Life is difficult at the moment,.
There is disappointment and fear.
What is coming?
Nervous moments when I am at work, and when I come home late.
How will he be...??
The coming week we have to go back to the hospital for results of tests ad the MRI scan, and to talk with the geriatric doctor.
It has taken over my whole life already for a long time.
I had a rather emotional talk with our "Buurtzorg Angel" about everything, and she told me that they can do more for us. 
That is a relief and I am so gratefull for their help and support sofar.
This weekend Bram isn't feeling well.
I have to keep strong to deal with everything.
Friends will step in the coming weeks..
It is just hard at some times.
Balance and taking care of myself is needed..

woensdag 19 september 2012

Lesson 2: A Perfect Round Ring...

This morning I had my 2nd lesson from the Goldsmith-course.. 
And again.. An Awsome Experience...

Under the wachfull eyes from Jeanette, my ring have gone a few steps further.
Not ready yet, but maybe next week I will the proud owner of a "Handmade by Me" Ring.

It all started this morning by getting the ring in a perfect round shape, so it would fit around my finger.
All what is needed is a Hammer..and a metal stick to put the ring around..

Than the Banging and Bashing could start...
Usually that always goes much better if you take someone in your mind whom you don't like...(No, that is not you Dear reader)

Measuring was the next step...by placing it on a kind of ring measure stick...(must ask the name next week)

Both sides should be equal ofcourse...
So..More Bashing...and More BASHING...

Till it did Fit...and till it was perfectly round..

Question: The sides of the ring have raw edges..
Answer: File...and file more..

And at the end... this result...sofar..A BIG silver Ring.

But..this is not the endresult...
It is just a simple ring who fits a men's finger..
More has to be done..
Which includes More Filing...

 And even more filing...

Next week: More steps to go, which will include: filing, polishing, stamping..
I realize now why prices from handmade jewelery need to be high. 
It takes a lot of work and time to get it right.

A silver bracelet will be my next item to make..
One thing: "BIG" as startingpoint for my Design.

I have noticed that it is good for me to have those 2 hours.
To concentrate on something beautiful to make for myself. 
A kind of little escape from the difficult situation we are in.
Bram's health gets weaker by the week. 

We had some visits to the hospital over the last days and weeks.
Next week we will get some results of all tests.
I am really worried about what will come.
Usually I can handle it quite well. 
Guess I have grown into it...

zondag 9 september 2012

A Strange Experience Today...

This afternoon was the opening of the Exhibition "Rituelen" at the Stedelijk Museum in Zwolle.
My neighbour Ellen Korth was one of the participants of the exhibition. 
She has made that beautiful book with the title: Utilité. 
I have written a blogpost about that book which can be read HERE.

I am in that book featured with a photo while I am knitting in our livingroom. 
It is a very good photo..

Just before we went on holiday Ellen told me that that photo was chosen to be on the invitation and the poster of the exhibition. 
I was very pleased for her ofcourse, because I think that photo is very good and I shows me the way I am. Knitting in front of a painting.

But...there was more to come....
At the entrance of the exhibition...

Have a look at this....

That is BIG...Really BIG...

I had taken yarn and needles with me..
Forgot to change into that striped shirt..or...the stripes just went the other way...

But...here am I knitting in front of...ME.

That is kind of Weird isn't it??

Next question is:

What has he on the needles??
Just a simple scarf in stripes...
But in the most luxury yarn from Shilasdair I got from Evelien
How about a Cashmere/Angora/Lambswool blend next to 100% Silk cord??
All dyed with natural dyes..
Absolutely stunning to knit with..
Pictures will come when the scarf is done..

The exhibtion itself shows also work by Jeanette Hoekstra as those "Conversation Pieces".

The shadow is an extra...

And recent work by her at Galerie Het Langhuis..
I really loved this!!!

Also can be seen..
New work by Ellen..this is just a little part of it...

I can tell you..
There is a Golden Madonna..but she didn't want to be pictured by me.. unfortunately..

And by Loes Heebink

Everything can be seen till  18-11-2012.

zondag 2 september 2012

Holiday is Over.....Almost..

Holiday is almost over..
7 weeks of wearing sandals and shorts...
Tomorrow my working-life starts again...
Waking up at 5.45 and getting back in that routine..

I am a bit nervous how things will go..
Work combined with the situation at home...
Over the last weeks Bram's condition is going down very fast..
Walking is getting very difficult, which is not very practical in a house with 2 staircases..
So therefor we get a stairlift which will be placed this coming thursday
His energy is very low...and I am afraid that he might fall and break something..
He is very fragile...

So we get more care from the nurses from Buurtzorg.
Twice a day and maybe more the coming weeks..
We'll see how it will go...

So it feels rather difficult, and different to go back to work this time...

The coming week will be filled with meetings, writing on a project and tasks..and inbetween that: visits to the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday...and on Friday an excursion to Amsterdam...

Autumn will arrive soon..
There are signs already in nature...
Melancholic moods...

Time to knit something warms for the cold days coming soon..

I frogged my blue sweater again..
Too big...
But cast on again...
This time the size is perfect..
And I keep it more simple than the pattern told...
It will keep me warm and give me comfort in this stage in my life...