maandag 29 oktober 2012

It is all about SHAPE..

Today work did start again after the week holiday..and it was good to be back.
Usually I love my work. Not one day is the same when you are working as a teacher.

I am now teaching Fashion Design for more than 23 years, and ever since starting, I try to make things exiting for my students...and for me also.
Fashion is always "On the Move".
For me it is important to give students insight in the development of a design.
Some basic knowledge is important..which we (me and my 2 colleagues) teach in the first 2 years.

Design is about:

To start a project for students needs a lot of thinking and input. I know that I can rely on my experience, but it is very important for me to try new things.

A class full of 2nd year Design students.. round 26..
Working on a Project with the startingpoint: SHAPE

The outcome from the first part of the task (there a 3 parts) must be a serie of white paper dresses based on constructions and shapes they did fold in previous weeks with A4 paper. Origami was one of the things they could try out..

Transforming the little folded shapes as boxes and triangles into a dress is not that simple.

A big part of the task is to experiment with different paper and different shapes..

Not an easy thing to do, but the outcome were some interesting dresses.
This is just a small selection..

The next part of the task is about how to make a pattern..and the importance of darts in garments.
To get insight in the fact that darts are making shape , the student had to take a round shaped vase with them to the lesson.
With paper they had to make a pattern by folding the paper round the vase. Drawing lines (darts) on it and use this as a paper pattern to make the vase in fabric.

An example can be seen here. Still in paper, but hopefully they get some done in fabric the coming Thursday.

zondag 28 oktober 2012

Just a Sunday...Baking..Knitting...

I always love the Weekend..
The Fridaynight together with a glass of wine...
Time for shopping, the laundry etc. on Saturday..
And time for...whatever.. on Sunday.

On Fridaynight I watched my all time favourite Cookery Writer: Nigel Slater on the BBC with his program.: "Dish of the Day" in which he demonstrated a very tempting Lemon and Thyme cake. 
I did find the recipe also in this really GREAT Cook-Book I have bought some years ago..
A great Read, esspecially if you like -as I do- reading Diaries, and this one is combined with very tasty recipes.

But if you don't have the book and want to make it: The Recipe is HERE .

So, this morning I decided to give it a go..Placed all ingredients together and the beating and mixing could begin..
More about the Cake later..

I just love baking..
Guess I have that from my late Mum.
She was excellent in cooking and baking. 
Now I really regret it that I don't have her much loved recipes..
The chewy chocolate cookies, the home made almondpaste which she used for her "Filled Speculaas" ususally baked in December, the Spritsen, Cakes and Cream Puffs with a chocolate topping which she baked for every birthdaycelebration..and so many more..
I remember my Mum always baking on Saturday afternoon and the kitchen smelled so good.
Usually I was standing (when I was young I stood on a little chair) next to her and helping her with mixing everything into a bowl.
And I was allowed to lick of the spatula..the taste of cake mix or the dough from the Appelpie..
The different flavors filling the little kitchen and the amazement when that batter has made it into a vanilla/ chocolate cake..
Yes,in that little kitchen my love for baking and cooking did start..
It seems you never forget those kid of tastes or smells from your childhood.
I guess a lot of kids of my age have similar memories.

That perhaps is the reason why I like the BBC cookery program: "Mums know Best" so much. It is all about Family recipes and a community feeling.
There are always memories turning up whenever I watch that program.
I have a cookery book from the first serie, but never cooked anything from it.. (that is not so strange for someone who just likes to read cookerybooks)

It always brings me in a good mood.

But back to the "cake baking adventure"..
After putting everything together, I popped it in the oven for about an hour..
The sweet smell of lemon and sugar filled the house..
After it came out of the over I pierced the top of the cake and put a warm mixture of lemon, sugar and thyme on top to soak in...
I let it cool down a little before slicing it.
A nice crumbly cake..

The taste?  
AMAZING.. Sweet, Sharp, Herby..just as a cake should be..
We had a Morning Coffee next to it...

And in the afternoon we had a little slice next to a cup of tea...HEAVEN!!

What else did I do this weekend?

I finished one of the mittens...and the 2nd one is on the needles..

I really like the 2 yarns together..

The slighty variegated hand dyed purple yarn adds an extra deepness to the pattern and the colours in the green yarn mix realy well with the purple..

I did cast on, and at the moment I am knitting the cuff from the 2nd one. 
Hope to finish them this week, because the temperature is dropping...

Last Friday I made my perfectly round ring which is now waiting to be finished of..
Too much in a rush...
Not concentrated enough
I should have waited till the next lesson..
Didn't think enough about what I really wanted...
Used letters from the computer...but I really want my own handwriting on it..

Disaster Happened...
I made a mistake with the U.
What to do I asked myself?
So, on saturday I had a talk with my "Darling Goldsmith Teacher Jeanette" (Love you Sweetheart!!!), and we came to the conclusion that it can't be fixed..

So the Coming Wednesday I am going to start over again...
But...on the other hand..

A new idea turned up..
In the studio I found a big box filled with Pins I used to collect when I was young..
They are from all kind of firms.   
You got them when you bought a product from that firm
It was one of the things in my youth which you had to collect, exchange with friends and pin them in a piece of foam plastic to hang on the wall in your bedroom..

Not sure what to do with them...but I WANT to do something with them..
Ideas are already turning up, but it needs a bit more thinking on the idea, and on the technical aspect of it..
But I made already a choice of the ones I really like..

And ofcourse the bracelet is still on the list to make...but you can do more at the same time...can you?? 
But.....DON'T RUSH!!! 
Lesson learned I hope..

And because the weather today was sunny and fresh I took Bram with the wheelchair into town..
We had a look at the Cloister-Garden behind our house,which is in a real Autumn state...

With beautiful coloured leaves..

And where the shadows of an almost leaf-less tree make a striking image to the wall of the Theater/ Restaurant Bouwkunde, just around the corner of our house..

The weekend is almost over..
Just a lovely weekend..
And holiday is almost over..
Back to work tomorrow.. 
Students are waiting..

vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Reunion with a Dear Old Friend...

I am having holiday this week.
Made a list from all things I wanted to do, usual..not everything was done.
I cleared out the garden on Monday afternoon, so Winter can arrive..and we had some friends over because Bram became 78 that day..
Tuesday was kind of an Off day..
On Wednesday I took the last things from the studio home...
And I had an appointment with my psychotherapist and with her I shared some emotions.

Yesterday-afternoon I took the train to Amsterdam to visit the just opened (after 10 years of closure) and renewed Stedelijk Museum.
Much is said already in the papers about the architecture..and the name for the new part is: "The BathTub"
I don't have a strong opinion yet...

But in a way I feel that the ground floor is only made fore the -way too big- museum shop and the restaurant... and the big exhibitionroom above is nice, but you don't feel that you are inside this BathTub, so this room is not special at all...
Guess..I am getting to a sort of opinion...

They have changed the entrance from this side..

to the other side...

You had to wait -not very long- to get in....

I decided to go immediately to the old building..
There was the big stairway to get to the first floor...

And  suddenly -so strange and totally unexpected- tears were running over my face and I felt overwhelmed with emotions and memories.
I really missed Bram at that moment..his eyes, his vieuws, his opinions and emotions.
The extra eyes you get when you are in a relationship.

Lidewij Edelkoort at the Zomergasten tv-program this summer, moved us by saying when you are getting a relation:
"You get a new pair of eyes. You have your own look and you get a look at which you can view the world a little differentlyYou double your life".
And I feel that she is very right by saying that..

So sad -for the both of us- that we can't go there anymore together..

This museum has been such a big part of our life.
We used to go there almost every month. 
For art and coffee...
I realized the thousands of steps I have made there over 20 years..
The feelings when looking at a breathtaking piece of art..

The amazing exhibitions we did see together.. (we are so good in doing an exhibition together).

For paintings which I love to see over and over again..

I have learned so much there...
In a way it felt that I have become the person who I am now, partly because of all the visits to the museum.
I got sharp eyes there..close looks at beautiful artwork and because of that, a vieuw on life in general. 

It has taugtht me to look... and look even more, before having an opinion. 

And I felt that I really have missed this museum over the last 10 years..
It was like a reunion with a very old and dear friend...emotional and warm..

After I had calmed down a bit..I walked through all rooms...

There is the striking wall carpet by Barbara Broekman..

The old wall painting by Karel Appel with that stained glass part in it..
This room used to be the restaurant..

The Old and the New.. and the Connection between them..

I kept taking pictures, so Bram can see this old friend on the I-pad...

And for the rest of this week..

I am almost done with my sweater... only need to finish off..

And I did cast on a pair of mittens: The Houndstooth Mitts.
Pattern can be found HERE.
I am using a smooth Purple Malabrigo Rios yarn and a springhy Greenish Shelter by Jared Flood..

Worked on a new Ring this morning...which will be finished the coming Wednesday..

zondag 14 oktober 2012


Some weekends go by in a pleasant way..
Some start a bit difficult, but all gets well at the end..
This weekend is one from the 2nd category..

When I came home Fridayafternoon I felt exhausted.
A glass of Wine is how my weekend always starts..
But after half a glass I went upstairs for a nap on the couch.
Didn't feel well after that..

Saturdaymorning started with a light headache.
The idea of all the work I had to do as shopping etc. made me a little grumpy..
Tired I was, after a night with not enough sleep..

But it all cleared up when Jim and his parents arrived.
My mood became lighter.
I always love to talk with him...and see everything from his 4 years old perspective.

Because the weather was quite good -inbetween showers- we took the wheelchair and the 5 of us went for a stroll in town. 
And for coffee and cake....

Since 2 weeks we have "Brood van Joop".

He sells the best Organic loafs in town. Sourdough. Yeast etc. etc.. and very good Brownies!!
Not baked by himself, but he gets them from DrieKant in Zutphen which is the city I grew up.
And he serves very good coffee!!!

Jim has turned into a little boy who is very curious.
Very communicative and he loves to talk and ask questions..
How to get this jar open??

He loves to take pictures with my phone....
Not all very clear...

Some atmospheric...

Showing what has happened... an empty coffee-cup and plate...
(Must say That Cheesecake was very Good!)

An eye for detail....

For Joop and his assistant..

And for people popping in...

He took a good one from Opa Bram...

And this one I took from him...

The rest of the weekend was calm..
Little progress on my Blue sweater in Shetland yarn..

It is a bit of a dull knit..
Boring at some times..
Only knit stitches and decreases...
The fit is quite OK...
But I want to have this one finished before starting a new project with some more excitement.

Some new mittens and gloves..
A cowl perhaps...
My own Sarah Lund Sweater..
I need to finish of my Fair Isle Project...
Learn a new technique..
Perhaps Twined Knitting, that old Swedish Technique for a dense fabric...
Reminds me of THIS!!
Please sign this petition so we all can enjoy this book in English, and read and learn everything about this fascinating technique.

One week to go and than a week holiday starts..
Time to Clear out the garden and Relax...